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Every child should know the love of a family.

What greater opportunity do we have than giving back to Jesus what He has given to us.  Our prayers are with you as you answer the call to adopt and your story unfolds.  Thank you for looking to Beauty Amidst The Ashes and allowing us to be a part of your story.  We accept all applications, but are unable to give grants to all qualified applicants due to limited funding.


 Deadlines and Submission Process

December 31, 2019; April 30, 2020; August 31, 2020


General Information

  1. Print the application document.  Any questions or comments can be emailed to:

  2. Complete all the forms/questions and gather required documents.

  3. Distribute the three reference forms to your selected individuals.

  4. There are three application deadlines during the year.  Applications and references must be postmarked by the deadline dates below:
    December 31, 2019; April 30, 2020; August 31, 2020

  5. Send completed application packet by mailing to the following address:

Beauty Amidst The Ashes, Inc.

Attn: Adoption Grant Fund

PO Box 335 | Newell, IA 50568

Qualifications For Applying

  1. Applicants’ combined income must not exceed $120,000 annually.

  2. Applicants must be active in the adoption process with a 501c3 Adoption Agency or Attorney.

  3. Adoption placement cannot occur prior to the application deadline; however, if placement occurs before the award date – the applicants still qualify.

  4. Home Study must be completed and current.

  5. Both parents must be US citizens.

  6. Applicants must be married.

  7. Applicants must agree to an interview if requested.  (Skype, Conference Call)

Notification Process

  1. Applicants will receive an email notification when application is received.

  2. Applicants will receive an email regarding status of application in review. 

  3. Applicants will be notified if an interview is requested by selection committee.

  4. The Grant recipients will be notified by letter by USPS.

  5. All other applicants will be notified of decision with letter by USPS. 

  6. The Grant funds will be mailed directly to the Adoption Agency/Attorney in the recipient’s name.


 Have Questions?

We would love to help you with anything you might need. Just get in touch with us.