Through the beauty of stories, lives are changed.

As a ministry, we have seen God use the power of story and the hope found in Jesus Christ impact the lives of many individuals.  As we continue to advocate and educate individuals and families about adoption while sharing the love and heart of our Father, we believe stories are a powerful and effective tool to do so.


Diers Family

An International Adoption Story

In 2011, Doug and Jen Diers decided to take their pastor's "Dangerous Prayer" to heart. "Lord do with me what you want, when you want, and how you want." The prayer led them to the adoption of five children over the course of six years from Sierra Leone, West Africa.  Each day brings triumphs and challenges as God directs them in their life with five adopted and three biological children from ages 8-18.


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 The Morlan Family

Our Teenage Adoption Story

Ron and Karen Morlan are proud parents of 4 kids: Lauren (17), Abbie (14), Andrew (12), and Isaac (12).  The Morlan family previously had plenty of excitement with Abbie and twin boys.  One of the twin boys, Andrew, has had many health issues including a kidney transplant.  Still, there was a calling to foster care.  God had clearly called Karen first, but slowly through patient conversations, Karen and Ron both felt they were supposed to become foster parents.  The “agreement” was to foster babies.  A room with a crib was prepared.  In 2010, Karen and Ron welcomed a 12-year-old girl into their home, proving that God certainly has an awesome sense of humor!  Not long after, the Morlan family forever changed when Lauren was legally adopted.