The Hope Project

Bringing Hope To Adopting Families

The Hope Project with Beauty Amidst The Ashes allows you to join in our mission of bringing families together through adoption.  One of the greatest barriers between children and families is the cost of adoption. Through The Hope Project we are calling individuals to action on behalf of children and families. The Hope Project funds adoption grants through the Beauty Amidst The Ashes Adoption Grant Program. When individuals donate they’re playing a part in an adoption story and giving a gift that lasts a lifetime.

It is our desire to see you with us in this mission. You are helping us spread our message and reach individuals to join us in coming alongside families in the adoption process. 

Every child deserves to know the love of a family. Through your involvement with The Hope Project you are bringing families together while displaying the gospel.   

Learn below how you can join us.


Artists and Bands

Through your involvement in our artist program, you are joining with us in our mission of bringing families together.  By sharing at concerts, social media platforms and at your merchandise table, you can help raise donations and bring hope to children and families through adoption grants.  

Beauty Amidst The Ashes will provide video resources and marketing materials for you.




By hosting a “Hope Project Sunday” you and your congregation are making a difference in the lives of children and families.

A special offering will be taken on this Sunday that will provide financial aid for families who are in the adoption process. 

Hope project video resources and marketing materials will be provided by Beauty Amidst The Ashes.



Summer Programs

Reach people with our mission and partner with us on behalf of families during your summer programs.  Your summer camp or VBS program can help raise donations for The Hope Project. 

Your summer camp or VBS can feature Beauty Amidst The Ashes and our Adoption Grant Program during your camp or VBS week. During the week, your program will take a special offering for The Hope Project. All donations raised will go directly to the Adoption Grant fund.

Beauty Amidst The Ashes can provide a guest speaker, video resources and marketing materials.